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Communist Krakow Tour

Communist Krakow Tour

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Nowa Huta is perfect place to understand the paradoxes of communism.

A model communist city built in the monumental socialist-realist style in country that had just suffered great loses during Second World War. But, for communist party leaders at that time, the cost were meaningless. Tangible proof of communist power was the only thing that mattered!

This ideal city was supposed to be inhabited by ideal communist citizens. Homo sapiens (thinking people) are useless in all types of regimes because when you think, there is dangerous possibility that you won't agree with those who think for you, in this case: Marx and Lenin. The solution to this problem was to form a new human being: homo sovieticus - people who would follow the Party without question.

Despite this, the communist dream didn't  work out in Poland. Those who were supposed to be homo sovieticus eventually fought against and overthrew the regime.

Join us and see one of the best examples of an ideal communist city.

  • Saturday at 2:30pm
  • Wednesday and Friday at 10:30am

Departure place:  in front of St. Mary's Church on Main Market Sq.

Duration: 4,5h

Minimum required number of people is 3. When there will be less people tour still can start, but the price  is higher

Tram tickets and communist propaganda posters are included