Holocaust in Krakow tour

Holocaust in Krakow tour

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The Holocaust happened in Kraków as well. Come with us to visit area of the former ghetto and the Płaszów concentration camp, silent witnesses to genocide in the middle of the major Polish city.

Holocaust is process without precedent, one that beyond our comprehension today. It is only through the eyes of witnesses that we can begin to try to understand it.

Very often, people associate the Holocaust with gas chambers and death camps. But it happened almost everywhere in the territory of occupied Poland - and Kraków was no exception. The Second World War left its bloody mark on this, at first glance, charming city, and it is still possible to trace the horrors of the Holocaust there.

Before the war, Kraków was home to a large and vibrant Jewish community. In per-war Kraków, every fourth person was Jewish. In those days, the city was the home of a little Jewish girl named Stella Muller, who was just 9 years old at the outbreak of the war; and a young Jewish man named Józef Bau, who was 10 years older than her. Alongside them lived a Pole, Tadeusz Pankiewicz, who owned a pharmacy in the Podgórze district. During the German occupation, his pharmacy happened to be right in the middle of the ghetto, and he was the only non-Jew allowed to live there. Just like everyone, these three had their hopes, dreams, ideas and plans for the future. Most of them would crushed by the war and occupation.

This will be their story. This will be the story of the Holocaust as seen through their eyes. This will be the story of the Holocaust as it happened here in Kraków. Walk with Stella, Józef and Tadeusz through the streets of the Kraków Ghetto and the paths in the former Płaszów camp to find more about wartime life, the desperate struggle to survive, and finally the destruction of Kraków's Jewish community.

During the tour, we will visit places that are not commonly shown to the tourists and you will need to wear  good shoes, as you will be going off the paved roads.

Departure location: 
At 10 am, in front of CITY TOURS' office on Matejki Square no 2

Duration: 4h

Minimum of 2 participants required. Tram tickets included